Monthly Archives: January 2013

Cannibalism in North Korea – People Dieing with Hunger


Pyongyang: North Korea is on the way to Cannibalism due to hunger, from which people are dieing. Starvation has become the major problem in South Korea, where almost 10 thousand people have already died due to hunger. The chances of Cannibalism are increasing in North Korea, as some incidents have …

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Baji Sab Janti Hai Horoscope Program on Hero TV


It is an amazing horoscope show “Baji Sab janti hai” aired on Hero TV especially for those people, who believe in stars and get crazy to know about their future and upcoming events in their lives. The host of Hero TV program “Baji Sab janti Hai” is a fatty or …

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Sadia Imam Wedding Pictures With Husband


The Sadia Imam’s wedding photos are roaming over the media with her husband Haider. Sadia Imam and Haider got married few months ago, but the date of their Nikkah ceremony or marriage is not disclosed yet. It is heard that their Rukhsati has also been done in the October 2012. …

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Kashmala Tariq Scandals Pictures


Famous and beautiful politician Kashmala Tariq scandals and her hot pictures are roaming over the social networking sites these days. Kashmala is a big name in Pakistani politicians, who has earned fame in past few years. But the beautiful and gorgeous Kashmala Tariq is not safe from the scandals right …

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Tattoo Implanting is major cause of Hepatitis


Washington (APP, Net News): According to American medical experts, tattoo implanting can be a major cause of diseases like hepatitis. It increases the chances of hepatitis. It is a natural fact that whenever we disturb the nature, it results in some side effects, so the tattoo implanting side effect is …

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Selena Gomez Revenge Against Justin Bieber


According to a news report, hot artist Selena Gomez is starting revenge against Justin Bieber. There is nothing secret between Selena and Taylor Swift, as both are best friends. So the information has been disclosed that Selena Gomez may be taking a page from BFF, means she is going to …

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