Monthly Archives: September 2012

Petition Against Blasphemous Movie Requires 25000 Signatures


Anti-Islam Movie has ignited the whole Muslims world, and they have been protesting against the movie. Huge rallies were conducted against this blasphemous movie on 21st September (Friday), and it was the day of holiday to protest against America. To prevent from any unhappy incident the mobile service remained off …

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The US Man Behind Anti-Islam or Blasphemous Movie Jailed


A federal judge on Thursday determined a man from California USA behind a crudely produced Anti-Islam Movie, that has inflamed the several parts of Middle East. After hearing the case the judge ordered him to be behind bars as he is jailed. The Chief Magistrate Judge Suzanne Segal said Nakoula …

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Plane Carsh in Nepal Killing 19 – In Pictures


19 people killed in a plane, which crashed after a takeoff from Khatmandu airport. Seven Britons were among 19 persons who were killed in the crash. The possibility behind the destroyed plane may be a large bird of prey. Five other tourists, who are believing to be from China, also …

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Bikini Basketball League Coming Up For Inaugural Season


This is for the all fans of Lingerie Football League, who are very much worried and wondering about what they will enjoy or watch when the season ends, but you can stop worrying, The Bikini Basketball League is just starting here after the football league. The Bikini Basketball League consists …

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