20 20 World Cup – Pakistani Cricketers Should Wear Black Armbands

In 20 20 World Cup, Pakistani cricketers should wear Black Armbands to protest against the blasphemous movie made by the Americans. The real terrorists and maker of the movie, Terry John (PIG) and Sam Bacile (PIG) holds American nationality and identity. This is the American Hypocrisy, which is at its top these days.

In the t20 World Cup, Pakistan is taking a part in the series, and it will be the best protest against the blasphemous movie, if the wear Black Armbands during all the world cup series. By wearing these armband, they will tell the world that they are sad, and the Muslim world is united at this moment.


It is a trend of Sports teams, that whenever they want to lodge or protest showing sadness or mourning, they started to wear Black Armbands. On different moments and vacations, many sports teams have done it, as Zimbabwe Cricketer Olonga wore black armbands in 2003 Cricket World Cup. But it is up to the Pakistani Cricket Board that it should give orders to the team to wear Black Armband while playing the 20 20 World Cup. As the world cup is being watched in almost every country of the world, it will prove to be a greatest protest against the Anti-Islam or blasphemous movie, the movie which has created and spread a lot of anger and sadness in Muslim countries. As the t20 world cup is being telecasted in every country, it will show that the Muslim world is united and doing protests against the blasphemous or Anti-Islam Movie.

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  1. Twenty 20 world cup is going on these days. Can anyone tell which team has a good criteria to win the world cup?

  2. It is a good suggestion, but if followed.

  3. They didn’t follow it. In result they are out of the T 20 series.

  4. They have now lost the cricket series, but it would be the wining position if they had wore armbands.

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