11 MPAs and MNAs are Disqualifed For Having Duel Nationalities

The Election Commission of Pakistan has decided to take legal action against the 11 disqualified members of National and Provincial Assemblies for having duel nationalities. According to the Election Commission law of Pakistan, a candidate having the nationality of other country can’t be elected as a Minister of Pakistan. These 11 members are having duel nationalities and at the time of form filling, they hide their nationalities and cheated the Election Commission.

Supreme Court has issued the orders for the disqualification of these members of national and provincial assemblies, who belong to different political parties on the ground of duel nationalities. Four Ministers from Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), five from the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PMLN) and two from the other parties have been disqualified by the Supreme Court. They have left their seats of Ministers. Some MQM Members are on the list to be disqualified.


The following members with duel nationalities from the national and provincial assemblies have been disqualified.

Member of National Assemblies:

  • PPP Farahnaz Ispahani (USA¬†nationality)
  • PPP Chaudhry Zahid Iqbal (UK nationality)
  • PML-N Jamil Ahmed Malik
  • MQM Farhat Mehmood Khan (USA nationality)

Member of Provincial Assemblies:

  • PML-N Dr Mohammad Ashraf Chohan (UK nationality)
  • PML-N Mohammad Akhlaq (USA nationality)
  • PML-N Chaudhry Nadeem Khadim (UK nationality)
  • PPP Amna Buttar (USA nationality)
  • PML-N Chaudhry Waseem Qadir (Norway nationality)
  • MQM Nadia Gabol (UK nationality)

The above mentioned members of national and provincial assemblies have been disqualified, as they have cheated the election commission by writing the fake nationalities and hiding their duel nationalities. The Supreme court has issued the orders of their disqualifications and the MPAs and MNAs have left their seats or dismissed. According to the Pakistani Law a people holding duel nationalities can’t appear in the elections.

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  1. It was a good decision taken by the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

  2. Waseem Qadir MPA Lahore zone has been reinstated.

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