100 Years Old French Man Made a 100 KM Cycling Record


Lycon: A 100 years old Frenchman set a record by cycling 100 kilometers i.e. 62 miles on Friday. The man has outdone himself. It was a great effort by the old man who has taken the decision to make record of cycling in the age of above 100. This man has also give a lesson to the youngsters that they should play healthy games and take a part in the sports.

The Robert Marchand a amateur cyclist, who claims to have clocked thousands of kilometers in saddle, just finished the distance in 4 hours, 17 minutes and 27 seconds only.


He added that “i did a little better than i hoped,” but he struggles very hard to chase the goal in last few kilometers.

Cycling is a good hobby, sometimes in European countries people used to do cycling just for the maintenance of their body. It is also a fact that if you play a healthy game you remains fit, and the game makes your figure fit and healthy. Cycling is also a healthy sport or game that people like this hobby to keep their figure or body fit and healthy.

Marchand, who has been living in Canada and Venezuela said that he only used to cycling when he bought his very first bike in 1978. His professional life has included stints as a market gardener, wine dealer, and shoe salesman. French national cycling certified the centenarian record of cycling.


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  1. Its amazing and wounderful shot by the old man.

  2. Wow, its amazing record ever.

  3. It is a good thing to do cycling in old age, as the man remains fit.

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