10 Amazing Thunderclouds Photographs by Mitch Dobrowner

Photographer Mitch Dobrowner has captured these top 10 amazing thunderclouds pictures during her childhood. These pictures are in black and white, but taken on the right time, when the clouds started thundering. Bobrowner is a passionate photographer from her childhood, and he has worked as a designer in his own studio in California.

In 2005, He decided to take some amazing and breathtaking thunderclouds pictures, and went in search through whole America. After going through all of America, he captured some amazing moments of thunderclouds in Tornado Valley in the American Midwest, Texas.

After presenting these amazing pictures of thunderclouds, he won the first prize of Sony World Photography Award in 2012 in the competition. During her campaign he never lost heart and continued his traveling throughout America, and found the best photography pictures of Thunderclouds.

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